移动 & 网上银行

无论你走到哪里,都要带上总工会! With Online and 手机银行, access to your accounts is always at your fingertips.






我们让店内购物变得更容易、更安全, 出去吃饭, 或者去你最喜欢的娱乐场所. 告别在收银台前抢钱包的日子吧. 只要加上你的中华总工会签证® credit or debit card to your mobile wallet and you can make quick payments without cash or the cards themselves.


  1. 登录 手机应用程序.
  2. 点击 卡控制.
  3. 选择您的卡片.
  4. 向下滑动直到你看到 添加到G 支付或Apple 支付.



使用手机钱包可以简化你的支付过程, 增加了额外的安全层, 并且提供了更多的便利. You don’t need to wait for your plastic card to come in the mail to add it to your mobile wallet. 不要使用手机钱包? 没有问题! You can easily view your card details whenever you want—your card number, 截止日期, 和CVV代码都在网上和手机银行. 如果你使用手机钱包, you can easily load your card into your wallet without the hassle of manual entry. 当你使用信用卡或借记卡购物时, the mobile wallet 应用程序lies a random identification number to your purchase instead of providing your credit card information. This makes it harder for scammers to access your personal and financial information.



Have the power to access your current or previous statements whenever and wherever you want. 我们用电子报表来简化.


  1. 从你的电脑上登录你的网上银行账户,然后进入 edoc
  2. 点击 概述
  3. 点击 齿轮
  4. Select 订阅



你的信用评分等等! 任何时候. 在任何地方. 保持你的信用从来没有这么容易. 现在你可以查看你的信用评分了, 完整的信用报告, 信贷监控, 手机应用程序和网上银行. 所有这些都不会影响你的信用评分.


  1. 登录 手机应用程序*
  2. 点击 金融健康
  3. 点击 信用评分

特性 & 好处

  • 每天访问您的信用评分
  • 实时信用监控警报
  • 个性化信用报告
  • 信用评分模拟器



网上银行, 您可以查看交易, 平衡与制约, 管理信用卡和借记卡, 更新您的联系方式, 和更多的.

特性 & 好处

  • 快速、安全、可靠地管理您的所有银行业务
  • 支付账单 和贷款 
  • 转账 在内部,外部和其他阿灵顿成员的帐户之间
  • 发送安全消息,访问 公告及电子声明 制定预算和储蓄目标
  • Set card alerts and card controls: block and unblock cards as needed, 阻止国际交易, 设置签名的金额限制, 销, 自动取款机交易, 以及更多通过卡管理小部件
  • 管理您的中华总工会借记卡, see how close you are to qualifying for rewards on your Cash Back Checking account
  • 打开你的中华总工会信用卡, 视图的奖励, 预支现金, 付款, 封锁你的信用卡 将其他信用卡余额转至您的中华总工会信用卡  
  • Stop payments for a lower fee, request domestic wires, and order checks
  • 查看非阿灵顿账户的账户信息



Whether you need a quick balance check before you buy lunch for the whole office, don’t want to get off the couch to deposit Grandma’s birthday check, 我出去买拿铁,但忘带钱包了, 或者需要 找自动取款机 ASAP, we’re the wingman you need, in the smart电话 that goes where you go. 中华全国总工会手机应用*被评为4级是有原因的.8在iTunes上®看看beat365体育亚洲官网在线.1 

特性 & 好处

  • 使用智能手机的相机进行存款3
  • 支付账单和信用卡
  • 使用 手机钱包 在参与地点用你的借记卡或信用卡付款
  • 申请阿灵顿信用卡预支现金和余额转账
  • 发送安全的信息,制定预算和储蓄目标
  • Set card alerts and card controls: block and unblock cards as needed, 阻止国际交易, 设置签名的金额限制, 销, 自动取款机交易, 和更多通过卡管理小部件
  • 转账 在内部,外部和其他阿灵顿成员的帐户之间
  • 使用 separate, unique user IDs and passwords to access joint accounts for added security
  • 通过下载 iTunes® or 谷歌玩TM



Online and 手机银行 账单支付 take the worry out of paying your monthly bills with customized automatic payments made directly from your ACFCU checking account.2

特性 & 支付

  • 支付账单方便,轻松,安全
  • 100%付款保证
  • 安排一次性、经常性、同一天或第二天的付款



Skip the trip to your local ACFCU branch and deposit checks using our 手机银行 应用程序3 on your smart电话 or tablet—just open up the 移动存款 widget and follow the instructions

特性 & 好处

  • Deposit checks using our 移动存款 widget and the camera on your smart电话 or tablet3
  • Eligible endorsed checks from US financial institutions include personal, 收银员/官方, 出纳员, and US Treasury and are processed in the same amount of time as in-branch and 自动取款机 check deposits3
  • Foreign checks, money orders, and savings bonds are not eligible for 移动存款



把钱包留在家里,享受安全, contactless buying experiences when you use ACFCU’s 手机钱包 to pay with Apple 支付®、Google 支付TM或三星® 支付. 了解如何访问和使用您的移动钱包现在.3

特性 & 好处

  • 使用 your 电话 to pay as you go about your day with 手机钱包 for your ACFCU Visa® 借记卡和信用卡*
  • 非接触式, 安全可靠的购买, 不管你是在网上使用它, in 应用程序s or at a store by t应用程序ing your device at a payment terminal
  • Earn the same rewards at stores and restaurants that you would with your physical card4



最多转账10美元,000 a day between Arlington and/or external accounts with just a routing number, 帐户类型, 和账号 通过这些简单的步骤. 



访问报表,通知和税务文件都在一个地方. 永远不要再搜索中华全国总工会的文件.

特性 & 好处

  • Access your statements online—as soon as they’re available—and previous statements as far as 24 months back
  • 电子报表帮助你获得资格 免费奖励检查 rewards
  • Receive certificate maturity, late loan payment, and year-end tax documents via electronic notices




Create peace of mind with Courtesy 支付, even if you think you'll never overdraw your account.

Whether you overestimated your account balance or swiped your debit card before you reviewed the total, 我们提供保险以保护您的帐户.

特性 & 好处


  • 支票、呵呀和其他使用支票账户进行的交易
  • 自动账单支付
  • 使用你的借记卡进行经常性交易
  • 自动取款机交易
  • 借记卡日常交易
  • 销售点(POS)交易

Our $30 grace allowance means no fees for debit card transactions if your overdrawn balance is less than $30.6

Opt in and opt out in real time using our Courtesy 支付 Widget at any time and as often as you’d like.


  1. 登录手机应用程序或网上银行
  2. 点击更多
  3. 点击礼金支付


1Cash back is calculated based on the total dollar amount of qualifying debit card transactions. 帐户将不会产生股息. 首笔1000美元的交易返还1%现金. 现金返还上限为10美元. 满足最低要求, actions must be performed and must clear/post to the account during the qualification period. Transactions may take one or more banking days from the date the transaction was made to post and settle against your account. 刷卡 & Sign, 销, and Debit 账单支付 transactions must have cleared account by the end of the month. Standard fees will 应用程序ly such as an account that has been inactive for longer than 12 months. No overdraft fees for debit card transactions that overdraw by less than $30. 这只适用于借记卡交易. 呵呀交易在收取费用之前没有30美元的宽限期. 透支费必须在45天内偿还. Courtesy 支付 will not be paid if Courtesy 支付 is disabled and the transaction is declined. 在这种情况下,将收取国家科学基金会的费用. 礼貌支付包括以下几种交易方式:支票, 呵呀, 以及其他使用支票账户进行的交易, 自动账单支付, 使用你的借记卡进行经常性交易, 自动取款机交易, 借记卡日常交易, 和销售点(POS)交易. 自动取款机交易, 借记卡日常交易, 和销售点(POS)交易需要单独选择加入.

2如果你没有足够的钱在你的帐户, 每张支票将被收取资金不足费.

3移动存款s are subject to verification and up to $200 is available for immediate withdrawal. Your accounts must be in good standing; cannot have an account in bad standing, a negative ChexSystems record or have any delinquent loans for more than 30 days. 阅读电子资金转帐协议 & 披露(Reg E)详细信息,包括资金可用性, 存款限制, 妥善处理支票, 以及完整的条款和条件.

4ACFCU is not responsible for merchant codes that do not allow for us to capture the information needed to award double points.

5自动取款机交易, 借记卡日常交易, 和销售点(POS)交易需要单独选择加入.

6每次收费30美元. 这只适用于借记卡交易. 呵呀交易在收取费用之前没有30美元的宽限期.

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为了你的安全, 我们使用最新的加密标准, 因此, support the latest two versions of the following browsers and operations systems: Google Chrome, 火狐, 微软的优势, Safari, iOS. 我们支持Android v5.并对Internet Explorer v11提供有限的支持. While we do monitor fraudulent or suspicious activity and may proactively contact you about this activity, 我们永远不会打电话询问机密信息, 例如您的整个帐户号码或密码. beat365体育亚洲官网在线:703.526.如果您提供了机密信息,0200x4.

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